Version Control

How many millions of codes is needed to write a Windows?

Have you ever asked yourself how big and complex is our operating system or our search engine? Based on the data the Windows XP consists of 40 millions line of code, Facebook consists of 62 million lines of code and Google consists of 2 billion of code [1]. These numbers are huge and you may be wondering “How can their engineers collaborate to maintain these codes and make sure that every engineer inside these companies has the same code with the same version at the same time?”. If we talked about the number of their developers, these big companies have…

Currently it’s very easy to create a web application. It took only under 10 lines of code to create a NodeJS server and a full functional discord bot, because a lot of people around the world collaborate to build easy-to-use frameworks for it. Our works as a developer become much more easier from time to time. But, this situation is usually making us forget about securing our web application. Even though, I’m not an expert in web security and only started my career as a software engineer a year ago. I would like to share to you on how I…

I Gusti Bagus Awienandra

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